Is Being Multipassionate a Good Thing?

Is being multipassionate even a good thing? It seems like a curse most of the time but actually, you have superpowers!

So you’re multipassionate? Congratulations!! You’re now a part of the minority. This means that society will often times try to crush your dreams. As someone who is super multipassionate, I know what it feels like to feel not enough in a world that promotes doing ONE thing.

You have superpowers that you’re not even aware of!

Why you ask? Well because the world doesn’t even know that we exist. The world promotes being a master of one thing rather than being a jack of all trades. So we deny our true nature and dismiss everything that we’re good at. You haven’t even discovered most of them because you keep denying yourself.

THIS is your permission slip to try things out. To stop trying to put yourself in a box.

Here’s what I know for sure. We are in a world that now has unique problems, way different than those from our parents’ generation. With the advancement of technology and social media, old ways don’t work anymore.

The world needs us multipassionate people so that we can come up with unique solutions to these new problems.

Not only are you multipassionate but you also have multipotentiality.Yes, it’s a real thing, Google it!

Stop complaining about not being able to choose one thing.

You’re not meant to choose. That goes against your nature. Right now, the world is made up of specialists, people who special in one thing. But you’re a genius when it comes to seeing the big picture. You’re also pretty good at transferable skills, which means you can apply any skill anywhere and anytime you need it. You’re a ninja at making cool combinations and thinking outside the box, which the specialists are not so great at because he thinks within the box.

You go through life collecting the pieces through your experiences  but you have no idea what picture they will form eventually.

You just have to go on faith. You need to trust that the dots will connect looking back. Just keep moving, keep putting the pieces together.

Do you have too many interests and can’t figure out which one to focus on? I’m the poster child for this! I did a training on my Facebook page to help you out.

Watch it below.

Here’s to YOU and your multipassionate, multipotential self!


Putting it into action:


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