Every Multipassionate Makes This Mistake When Starting Their Business

Every multipassionate creative makes this same mistake when first starting her business. I know how it goes girlfriend, I was that person who was super excited to start my greeting card business, and my bracelet business, and my wall art business…then halfway through it decided that I wanted to do something else and just moved Read more about Every Multipassionate Makes This Mistake When Starting Their Business[…]

How to Find and Keep Motivation

How many times have you typed into Google, ‚ÄúHow to find motivation?‚ÄĚ How many times have you found yourself saying things like, “I’m not motivated to do that today,” or “How do I find the inspiration to start my online business?” You’ve heard people say that you need to find your why, that your why Read more about How to Find and Keep Motivation[…]

Get Unstuck With Girl Standing on Top of the World

Breaking the Habit and Going for Those Dreams

We’re already in August! This is about the time that most people start thinking about those goals that they set back in January. If you’re like most people, you’re think about how to get unstuck from analysis paralysis and actually work toward those dreams. Speaking of August! We’re five¬†moths away from the Holidays!! That’s my Read more about Breaking the Habit and Going for Those Dreams[…]

Two of My Ninja Time Management Tips

Who has time anyway, right? I promise to keep this¬†short. I’ve been hearing people talk about time management a lot lately and I’ve been asked multiple times to give away my “secrets” to how I manage time. There’s a lot to be said about time management and most things come with practice but here are Read more about Two of My Ninja Time Management Tips[…]

Is Your Soul Happy?

What is your¬†SOUL? When most people think about their “soul” they think about some weird, spiritual, abstract concept. The fact of the matter is that your soul is that authentic voice that you have. It’s your¬†LIGHTBULB. It reflects how¬†HAPPY¬†and¬†FULFILLED, you are. You can have a high paying job and the perfect body but your¬†SOUL¬†might not Read more about Is Your Soul Happy?[…]

Not Feeling Challenged?

Often, we are so busy with our daily tasks and with worrying about our body image that we neglect our¬†MIND. If you become stagnant, you will never feel satisfied, happy, or in balance. Here are three ways to challenge your mind. 1.BREAK¬†your routine Here’s a new routine for you:¬†BREAK¬†your routine. Doing the same things in Read more about Not Feeling Challenged?[…]

Turning Disadvantages to Advantages

After working with and mentoring over 500 multi-passionate women, the number one pushback that I get is: “I can’t do that because (insert excuse here).” People are always giving credit to the “disadvantages” they have for the reason why they can’t accomplish something. I am not saying it’s not harder for some people than it Read more about Turning Disadvantages to Advantages[…]