A Special Message For You

Concurring the feeling of fear is tough. It’s always present, in almost anything that you do, especially those things that are going to force you to grow and become all you’ve ever wanted to be.

I was thinking of you this morning. As I’m getting ready to lead a team activity with my team this morning, I started feeling hesitation. A LOT of hesitation which I know is fueled by fear.

What will my team think? Will they roll their eyes? Will they think this activity is stupid? Should I just cancel it?

The truth is that I have been preparing this activity for weeks now. My team really really needs this. It’s going to help them trust each other more and realize that they are stronger together. But why am I feeling so much resistance?

For years I told myself that I will feel more confident when I’m a bigger influencer. The hesitation will go away when I have 100,000 followers. The fear will never show up when I’m making 6-7 figures.

But the REAL truth is that…

Fear doesn’t go away just because we get more money, more fame or more follower.

Fear only goes away when we stop feeding it.

 The best way to do that is to keep going. To prove to yourself that you’re not going to let fear force you into giving up on your dreams.

You’re not alone. And that’s all we ever really want to know. The multiple million dollar earners, they all still have fear. They feel exactly what you’re feeling. The only difference is that they have more money to lose and more followers to disappoint.

So this morning, as I’m going into my team meeting, I thought of YOU. I want you to know that I’m right there with you. The whole world is. You’re not alone.

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