How to Find and Keep Motivation

How many times have you typed into Google, “How to find motivation?” How many times have you found yourself saying things like, “I’m not motivated to do that today,” or “How do I find the inspiration to start my online business?”

You’ve heard people say that you need to find your why, that your why is what is going to keep you going when times get tough. And I’m here to say that that’s absolutely true. But for most of my life, I couldn’t find my why. I was too busy trying to find it outside of me. I wasn’t accepting the fact that my why at that moment was very selfish.

I kept reading books that told me to find a why bigger than myself. They kept saying it needs to find a cure for cancer, it needs to bring clean water to the world, it needs to build schools in Africa. My why never measured up.So I kept myself small, I felt discouraged and I kept searching. All the while I always knew that my why was freedom.

I never wanted to answer to anyone. I remember telling everyone I knew that I want to be able to wake up one day and fly out to Paris for lunch and come back home. That was my way to expressing that I wanted freedom. But that was so selfish. That couldn’t be my why. That didn’t solve any huge world problem.

YI never wanted to work for anyone. I wanted to do whatever I wanted to do whenever I wanted to do it.

If you’re sitting there and telling yourself that you don’t know what your why is, I call bullshit. Why? Because I was there, I was that person that kept saying “I have no why.” The fact that I wanted freedom for myself was too selfish, none of the books told me that it’s ok to be selfish. I was supposed to think about service and about making the world a better place. And that kept me such for years.   You’re stuck in the, “my why isn’t good enough,” and “my why doesn’t solve any world problems” stage.

You do have a why, you just don't what to accept it.

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This is your permission to be as selfish as you want with your why. Don’t worry about what your husband will think, about how selfish your kids will think you are, or about how insignificant it is. It’s YOUR why, it needs to keep you going. Don’t ever feel like you need to explain it to anyone or say it out loud. Write it down, keep it all to yourself but for God’s sake embrace it!

Motivation comes and goes but the reason why you had the spark to start will never fade if you totally embrace it.




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