Which Dream Should I Choose?

Follow your dreams, everyone says. But what if you have too many dreams? Too many things you want to accomplish? What if you can’t figure out which dream to choose? THIS is going to save your life! 😉

You used to be a big time dreamer. You would wake up as a little girl and proclaim to your parents that you wanted to be a dentist. Then a few weeks would go by and being an actress seemed more appropriate. After watching your favorite TV show, you stood up on the kitchen counter and shouted at the top of your lungs that you’re going to be a pianist! Am I right?

Oh wait…that’s me…but I bet it’s YOU too!

But as you got older, you let go of those dreams. You outgrew them, you found new dreams and in the processes, you lost yourself, maybe you got stuck somewhere.

You now ask yourself, “What if I choose something and it’s the wrong one?”

And that’s what keeps you stuck. You don’t know which one to choose, you keep thinking about it in your head, over and over again. People think you’re flaky, that you can’t make up your mind and that you’re going to move on to something new next week.. So you decide you’re not going to choose any of them. You give up on those dreams and go the mediocre route.

I call bullshit on that. Why? Because what the world needs now more than ever, is more people using their multipassionate skills to come up with unique solutions to unique 21st century problems.

multipassionate people are going to change the world.

So, here's what you should try instead: T he Chill Test.

Think about all the different dreams that you have now and those that you’ve had in the past few years. Write them all down. Now go through each dream, one-by-one. Close your eyes. Imagine you’re 10 years in the future and you’ve accomplished that big dream. You’re finally successful in what you set out to be. Visualize how your day would be. How do you wake up? How you go to get breakfast? What’s your morning routine? Who is there with you? Visualize your schedule for the day, everything that you have to do at this level of success. Maybe you’re painting at home, speaking at an event or flying off to a new place. Visualize your ideal day in the future, according to this ONE DREAM.

Do this exact thing for EVERY DREAM you currently have or have had in the past few years. As you visualize these things, check for the chills. Which ones give you the chills and make you want to start balling your eyes out? Those are the ones you follow. All the other ones are just cool dreams, fun placeholders until you get to the real deal.

Don’t ignore your ultimate dream because you’re stuck in a never ending string of temporary ones.

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Here’s to YOU changing the world!


Putting it into action:

  • Have you been putting your ultimate dream on hold because you’re afraid or because you’re too busy chasing placeholder ideas? Take the Chill Test! Figure it out and do it now. Because if not now, then when?
  • Is there a common thread in all the dreams that you have? Is there a particular something that draws you to that dream? For me, I was always gravitated towards things that create strong emotion (acting, playing an instrument, art, designing…). I always wanted to create strong emotions for people. So when I thought I had so many dreams, I really just had one HUGE dream of making people strong emotion and helping them give their highest contributions to the world.


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