How to be an Influencer

Influencing is so icky! I don’t want to cheat people into doing things they don’t want to do. That’s not even in my character.

Does that sound familiar?

That’s exactly how I used to feel when I was first starting out in the online space, over three years ago. I didn’t want to influence anyone! That meant I had to be deceiving and get people to do what I wanted them to do.

Here’s the truth. Influence actually means impact. And it can include beer and wine 😉

I get it! When you’re just starting out in the online space, it’s hard to consider yourself an expert, much less an influencer. Everything is so new, Operating in the online space is so different from “real” life. But that doesn’t mean you’re not an expert in your passion! Don’t confuse being a beginner in the online space with being a beginner in your craft.

You were born with that, that's your gift to the world!

Here are three things you can do right now to show up as an expert and influence (impact) others when you’re just starting out.


Your followers, the people you are meant to serve, will tell you what they need! They will tell you their struggles and what they need your help with. All you have to do is listen. Often times we are so consumed with what we want to teach and how we want to show up that we miss the point in what people need most from us. In order to make the biggest impact, you need to listen. Ask the right questions then sit back and listen. Talk to the followers that you do have. Check the conversations in Facebook groups in your niche. Talk to your friends. The possibilities are endless!

Be the lighthouse

If you just learn one thing from this email, it should be this: Stop telling people just how great you are and just be the lighthouse. When I was first starting out in the online space, I loved it SO much that I kept trying to convert everyone into digital entrepreneurs. I talked about it because I loved it! Because I saw so much potential in it. Because I wanted everyone to have the same freedom that I had found. But guess what? People got tried of hearing it. And one day, a friend of mine told me that it’s getting annoying, that that’s all I talk about. Ouch. That stung real bad. All I wanted to do was help her out, show her freedom. Even though that really hurt, I learned an important lesson. People are impacted by example not by words. Just keep being YOU. Keep putting your greatness out into the world. Everyone around you will see it. That how you will influence them.

Go the extra mile

Go the extra mile, it's never crowded there. Click To Tweet

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, It’s one of my most favorite sayings. Think about it. When was the last time you called into a call center and was 100% satisfied by the service that you got? (Unless it was Amazon, of course!) Can’t remember the last time? Neither can I. That’s because it’s RARE. Most people won’t go the extra mile. If you want to be seen as an expert and be an influencer all you really need to do is put in a tad bit your effort than everyone around you. It’s really that simple. Most of the people that started out with me in the online space over three years ago have long quit. Why? Because it “wasn’t worth the effort.” Sounds simple? That’s because it really is. Don’t believe me? Well…go ahead…prove me wrong…I dare you!

Here’s to YOUR impact in the world!


Putting it into action:

Ready to become an influencer? Try these…

  1. Where in your life are you lacking follow through? How can you go the extra mile today? Is there a project you’re working on? Maybe you have a FB group that you’re serving? How can you show up a little more powerfully and serve a little harder?
  2. How can you listen more? If you already have an audience, go to them and start asking questions. Then just ay attention and listen! Use this valuable information to create better content for them and serve them better. Try asking them this: When it comes to ________ (your field of expertise), what is your number one struggle right now?


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