A Season For Everything

We want to do it all but it’s so damn hard to finish the things we start! We get an idea, we think it’s brilliant, we get started and after a few weeks we move on to something else. Shiny object syndrome is a real thing.

As a multipassionate woman, who has always wanted to do everything, I can tell you that you can do everything, just not all at once. The biggest lesson that I’ve learned is that we go through seasons. Which means when times are tough, know that this too shall pass. And when you’re having the greatest time of your life, cherish it because this season shall pass too. You have to learn to embrace the seasons.

The truth is, life has always been meant to be lived in seasons.

You’re a teenager only for a season of your life, you’re in college only for a season, you live in your childhood home for a season, when you have kids they throw tantrums only for a season of their lives…You see, you’re always living in seasons.

When I was just starting my online journey almost four years ago, I was in a long season of self discovery. It took me almost three years to figure out what really brings me joy, what my gifts are and what I’m going to help people with in my business. It was tough, it was a long season. I wanted so bad to be there already, whatever there was. I wanted to already be happy, already be helping hundreds of people, I wanted to already be successful.

I wanted to quit so many times. I saw everyone else already successful, already doing what they loved and already making money. I wanted to jump to the next fad, I wanted to try the next hottest social media tool and I wanted so bad to do so many other things that I knew I was good at. But I knew I had to stay in this season. I knew this was an important one.

Success comes only with persistence.

Most people rather bail out than stick it out. When things get tough and confusing and when you don’t see the light, know that this is the work you need to do. This work right here prepares you for the next stage. It is necessary and it is only a season.

Stay the course my sweet friend.

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Just keep going my friend, this season too shall pass.




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