Is Your Soul Happy?


What is your SOUL? When most people think about their “soul” they think about some weird, spiritual, abstract concept. The fact of the matter is that your soul is that authentic voice that you have.

Someone's SOUL is the ENERGY you feel when he/she walks into a room. Click To Tweet

It’s your LIGHTBULB. It reflects how HAPPY and FULFILLED, you are. You can have a high paying job and the perfect body but your SOUL might not be happy. The LIGHTBULB might be very dim.

So, how do we make our SOUL happy? How do we turn up the LIGHT? It’s much simpler than you think. Here are three things you can do to NURTURE your soul.

  1. EMBRACEthe challenges you face
    We sometimes look at challenges as obstacles. This is not true. CHALLENGES make us stronger and make our soul BRIGHTER. Instead of looking at it as something you have to overcome, look at it as something that you can INTEGRATE into your life. Teach yourself how to become more calm during challenging situations. There is a sense of peace that comes with being able to remain cool when everything about you is chaotic. This will help you MOVE forward instead of holding you back.
  2. Ask yourself what MOVESyou
    What would you be doing if you had an ABUNDANCEamount of money and time? What would you being doing if you weren’t concerned about making a living or about what others will be thinking of you? Stop listening to your logical mind and ask yourself what MOVES you. Spend 10 minutes a day doing that one thing. When you do this, you will see that you will come out the other side feeling HAPPY and FULFILLED.
  3. Practice less RESISTANCE
    Don’t waste time resisting our situation or the people around you. That only wastes your time and ENERGY. This energy can be better used elsewhere. Next time you are in a situation that you don’t want to be in, ACCEPTthe reality of it and start looking for ways in which you can adapt to it or work around it. Add something that you enjoy into the equation and you’ll see the situation or that person in a new LIGHT. For example, if you hate where you work, instead of waking up every morning feeling sorry for yourself and thinking about how you have to spend eight hours a day at work, grab your favorite book and take your lunch time to sit outside, embracing the weather, and submerging yourself in your book.


Often times, we ignore the importance of making our SOUL happy. We stand by and watch that LIGHT get dimmer and dimmer. Give your SOUL the attention that it needs. Walk into a room and instantly make it BRIGHTER!


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