What to Know More About Me?

When I was in high school, I had such a hard time deciding what career to choose. Every time someone asked me the dreaded question “what is your major going to be,” my heart would sink. At that time, I would have never ever guessed that I would be interviewed on a podcast! Actually, podcasts didn’t even exist back then.

For most of my life, I have been a VERY private person. So private, in fact, that the people closest to me were in shock when they found out that I’m transitioning into being an online entrepreneur and using live video. The biggest reason why I stayed quiet was that I didn’t think anyone cared about my story. Sound familiar?

When I started speaking up, sharing who I am, the things that I struggle with and where I’ve come from, I really started to develop deeper connection with those around me. I started to build a tribe of loyal, diehard fan, and friendships beyond my wildest imagination. My story allowed others to see that they are not alone. That I go through the same struggles, the same headache, and that I have the exact same fears as them. It gave them hope of what’s possible for them.

But being vulnerable and sharing my story also helped me. Stories speak the truth and in speaking those truths, I had the opportunity to realize that it’s time for new stories.

Stories are the shortest distance between us and truth. So when we understand and uncover these stories, we gain the opportunity to understand maybe we need a new story.-Chris Cade

So here’s a part of my story that I shared in my first podcast interview! After you listen to it, head on over to iTunes or Sticher, search for Graceful Gladiator and leave a review for Hannah! It would mean the world to me!


PS. I would love to hear your thoughts! Anything that came up for you, anything that you want to share. Leave a comment below or send me a message on FB or IG (I’m @zeenajarian everywhere!).

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