Every Multipassionate Makes This Mistake When Starting Their Business

Every multipassionate creative makes this same mistake when first starting her business.

I know how it goes girlfriend, I was that person who was super excited to start my greeting card business, and my bracelet business, and my wall art business…then halfway through it decided that I wanted to do something else and just moved on. Sounds familiar?

We drive ourselves crazy trying to niche down because every expert says to do it. Then one of three things happen…

  1. You niche down, finally figure out what you want to do, go in it full force then three months later get tired of it, quit and want to start something new.
  2. You do 50 things at the same time, see no real results, get burnt out and quit.
  3. You never actually start because the idea of starting one thing, scrapping it and starting all over is too overwhelming.

Any of these ring a bell?

After going through all of these myself and seeing the women I work with go through them, I have this to say about it all:

As a multipassionate creative, the worst thing you can do is box yourself, especially when you’re just starting out.

So what then do you propose, Zee?

Well…I’m glad you asked, {!firstname_fix}!

I say who the heck cares to all the experts.

Do it YOUR own way.

Your niche is a tool that helps you spread your message, it’s not the core of your business.

 If you lead with your niche, you will always find yourself starting all over again, every single time your multipassionate self decides to try something else. But if you lead with your core message, the things that you value, you can use your niche as a tool to spread that message and you will never have to start over.

So what do you start? Start with your values.

Your values rarely change. Your beer preference chances…so does your coffee preference but your values mostly stay the same. For me, I am an advocate for women, I value collaboration over competition and I believe in being all in in everything that I do. Those are things that have been true about me ever since I can remember. I lead with those. If you follow me on FB or IG (and if you don’t, what are you waiting for? It’s at the bottom of this email, get to it!), you’ll see that I never post about what I’m selling. It’s all about my core values. People are attracted to me because of that. Everything else I do is a way to spread those core values.

Ask yourself, what do you value? Who are you at your core? Let that driver everything that you do! Click To Tweet

Need help in figuring out what your core message is? I talk about it here.

Here’s to YOU and building something that goes beyond the surface and into your core.


Putting it into action:

  • Write down three things that you value most? Things that you stand up for? Often times, these are the things that we dismiss, we think everyone is like this and everyone values all of these things.
  • Think of the people that you respect the most. What do they stand for? Why do you look up to them? It’s not their career, occupation or looks. It goes way beyond that.


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