How to Be Multipassionate Without Looking Flakey

Can’t seem to stick with just one business or career because you’re multipassionate? Here’s how to do all the things you love, without looking like a total flake.

You’re at a family party. You haven’t seen your aunt Jill in a long time and are excited to see her. But you already know what is coming…the dreaded question…“So what are you doing now, Zee?”

Just that statement implies that they’ve seen me go through so many different things and already think that I can’t make up my mind and I’m flakey. Or does it? Do they really think you’re flakey or is it something that is mostly in your head? Should how should you answer her? Should you just ignore the question? Laugh it off? Tell her everything that you’ve been doing? Come up with excuses…?

First, you have to own it girl!

You’re multipassionate. You’re a hummingbird!! The sooner you can accept it and own it, the sooner you will be able to figure out how the pieces of your puzzle fit together. As multipassionate women, we go through life with all these puzzle pieces but we have no idea how they fit together. The jackhammers actually have the box to the puzzle in their hands. They know what the final product will look like. But we don’t. We go through life, gathering all the pieces and we get to figure out how they fit together, we create the box ourselves!

Realize that not everything needs to be monetized.

Some things are just meant to stay as a hobby. Trying to make money from everything you like to do or are good at only makes you look more flakey, spammy and indecisive. Keep in mind that once things start making you money, you will have an added pressure to perform, show up and do the work. It stops being something that you do just for fun and starts becoming something that needs to pay the bills. It does take away some of the fun aspect because you now have clients to  show up for and orders to fill. So think about which things you want to keep simply for pure joy and which things you actually want to monetize.

Remember the Chill Test? This is a great time to revisit it! If you don’t recall what that is, click here for a refresher! (Because I know you read my post a few weeks ago in which I talked about it)

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You don’t need to share every single project with the world girl!

I do so many things…so so many passions. Many of them are just hobbies and some of them are actually money generating activities. I don’t shout all of them out from the mountaintops.  It’s just human nature. We tend to think that people should only be good at one or two things and that’s all they should be doing. When you share a multitude of things that you’re doing, you run the risk of people thinking you’re flakey. And that in turn makes you feel like you’re a fraud and that you can’t make up your mind.

You can’t blame people for thinking that you can’t make up your mind when they see you doing so many different things.

So, go ahead and do anything you want girl!

Just don’t shout them all out from the mountaintops! Keep some just for pure joy and monetize a few of them.


Putting it into action:

  • Make sure you take the Chill Test! Click here for a refresher!
  • Come up with a one liner about what you do and what your personal brand is so that when you get that dreaded, “What do you do” question, you will know how to answer it concisely and confidently. I wrote a post about how to do this, click here to read it.
  • Make a list of things that you do now. Which ones are directly related to your onliner from above? Pick 2-3 of them that will will talk about and promote and keep the rest to yourself.


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