How to Set and Keep New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions, we all have them yet only 8% of us are actually successful in keeping them. What’s up with that?

Over and over I heard the same thing. How do I actually see my goals to completion? So today, I’m sharing two things you can do to set better goals and New Year’s Resolutions.

Set goals that speak to the WHAT, not the how.

Focusing on what you want, instead of the how, will allow you to think in unconventional ways. When you focus too much on the how, you tend to miss all the other opportunities that will get you to where you want to go. The best goals identify what you want to promise yourself and why, but there is no rule about how you get there. Getting too fixated on which road will take you there might cause you to be like that bird who keeps banging his head against the window, not realizing that one inch to the right is an open door.

This is the reason why vision boards work perfectly! (more about this later). Vision boards give us an opportunity to map out the WHAT and let the how roll in!

Set goals that play to your strengths, not your weaknesses.

This one is a little tricky. You need to look at how you respond to events and what you’re naturally gravitated towards. For example, for me, “lose weight” is a bad resolution because it’s about subtraction, not addition. I am not a good eliminator. I’m naturally additive. If I really want to lose weight, I can’t get there through reduction. I don’t respond very well when things are coming to an end or when I know something is going to be taken away from me. Even if it’s something that I don’t want, my natural reaction is to want to hold on to it even tighter. A better resolution for me is something I can add into my schedule that would achieve weight loss, like “meet with a nutritionist monthly and add something with protein into my meals everyday.”

Do you respond well to rewards and incentives? Then your resolutions should contain them. Do you crave social environments? Then your resolutions should fit within a friend network. Spend some time thinking about this and set better goals.

I have always been very good at seeing my goals to completion, I take New Year’s Resolutions very seriously. They are the promises I make myself to lead the year I want to lead, and they fundamentally set the tone for almost all my big and small… Click To Tweet

But I know that I am the minority. The latest statistics say that only 8% of people who set New Year’s Resolutions actually complete them. That’s insane! So I decided to help YOU set better goals so you can see them to competition too! My biz bff, Kathy, and I hosted a Vision Board Party on December 6th on Facebook. It’s totally free and shared all of our secrets with everyone who joined us! Everything you need is on the event page and you can still access them! There are worksheets, instruction and a video of us creating our vision boards LIVE! There is still time until the end of the year so go on over there and create your vision board!



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