Not Feeling Challenged?


Often, we are so busy with our daily tasks and with worrying about our body image that we neglect our MIND. If you become stagnant, you will never feel satisfied, happy, or in balance.

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Here are three ways to challenge your mind.

1.BREAK your routine
Here’s a new routine for you: BREAK your routine. Doing the same things in the same ways day in and day out makes you stuck. It’s very limiting and will make you stagnant. By thinking of new ways to do old things you will stimulate new parts of your brain. This will make new connections and will help you see things in a new LIGHT. Have you ever driven home and thought to yourself “how did I get here”? We get into habits and do things mindlessly. Instead, take new routes to work, discover streets and landmarks you never knew existed.

2. Go outside your COMFORT ZONE
You’ve heard this so many times; the magic happens outside your comfort zone is where . If you’re always doing things that you are comfortable with, those things that you do on autopilot, you will never grow. You will know when you are outside your COMFORT ZONE because your anxiety levels will be slightly elevated. Contrary to popular belief, this is very beneficial. You need a little bit of anxiety in order to improve your performance and bring your MIND to a balance. Going outside your COMFORT ZONE will help you learn new things and see old things in a new light. For example, if you’re not comfortable in social setting where you don’t know anyone, start by talking to one stranger a day. Start by saying “good morning” to someone you don’t know. Slowly, you will realize that your COMFORT ZONE has expanded.

3. Journal by HAND
There is something AMAZINGthat happens when you WRITEthings down. Take some time to disconnect yourself from the digital world and focus your mind. Write down your THOUGHTS or DOODLE on a piece of paper. Feel that DEEP and SATISFYING feeling of being entirely ABSORBED by your thoughts and seeing them written down on a piece of paper in front of you. One way that you can do this is by keeping a hand written journal. This will clear your mind and help you see yourself in a new LIGHT. Writing involves creating strokes and it activates regions in your brain that is involved in language and memory.



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