Get Rid of Overwhelm

“How to get rid of overwhelm.” Ever searched that on Google? I know I have. Many. Times.

Do you ever get anxiety when it’s this time of year? When December creeps in? (I have, many times)

There’s so many things to do. From Holiday shopping to closing out the year with a bang to thinking about next year. You can never get a hold of anyone either because they’re in the same boat.

It’s not fun.

Plus, you can never make good decisions when you’re coming from a place of overwhelm.

But here’s the good news.

Overwhelm is a choice.

You’ll just need a little help. For less than what you pay for a cup of coffee, you can say bahhh byeee to overwhelm.

So what’s this magical thing that I’m talking about? Index cards! Yeah, seriously! That’s all you need. You can get about 200 of them for a buck. That’s under $5 for the whole year!

You use one index card a day. Write the date at the top and write everything that you have to do for that day on it. Whatever you don’t finish you transfer to an index card for the next day. You can even pre-schedule your index cards and write in future appointments. Why should you carry a whole planner with you when you only need this one day’s tasks to stay at the top of your mind?

If you’re like me and have shiny object syndrome, you can use the back of the index card to jot down different things as it comes to your mind. So when you remember that your phone bill is due tomorrow and you have to stop the work you’re doing right now to pay that bill but end up buying shoes on Amazon, instead you can write it down on the index card and get to it after you’re done with your current task.

What makes this so cool is that you can carry them anywhere with you. In your pocket, in your purse, in your phone case, next to your computer…the possibilities are endless. Here’s what this does:

  • The index card is with you at all times
  • You’re constantly looking at it so it reinforces what you have to do for the day
  • It’s not a bulky planner and can be tossed away at the end of the day
  • It keeps you on track and accountable
  • It allows you to write down anything that comes to your mind without getting distracted from your current task

I promise it doesn’t have to be crazy. Get yourself some index cards and try this out.

Remember what I said about overwhelm being a choice? Choose what you do about it.

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P.S. If you know anyone who is going crazy this time of year and becomes totally unavailable, Send them the link to this post! 😉 Sharing is caring. Don’t be selfish!


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