How to Find Your Passion

Passion. That big, scary, hairy word!

Ever wonder where you passion is hiding? I did. I was searching for my passion for what seemed like most of my life. I was so dang sure that there wasn’t one thing that I was passionate about.

The more I read about people leaving their corporate jobs to follow their dreams, the more frustrated I felt. It seemed all of these people had the secret to finding their passion, except me. While these people were boasting about their passion, I was standing on the sidelines, looking under rocks, wondering where the hell my passion was hiding.

Then I started getting curious.

Curiosity is a highly underestimated tool you can use to explore your skills and bring out what you’re passionate about from within. Start noticing what repeatedly draws your attention. You don’t find it outside of you.

When you follow your curiosity there’s less pressure to have your life all figured out. It’s just more fun.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”— Albert Einstein Click To Tweet


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