Success Talk: What Does it Take to Be #Successful?


So, I did my 100th live video today on Facebook!!! (click on the link to join me there.) This ties in perfectly with what I want to share with you. So, being on video is not me. I have always hated being in pictures and videos. As a matter of fact, I have very few pictures of myself throughout my life. But, I got on live video. Knowing that it was live and there was no way that I could make it perfect and re-shoot made me very uncomfortable.

Which leads me to my topic today! So what does it take to be successful? Usually, having success means adding something to your life, right? Whether it’s happiness, health, car, money, completing a task, whatever it is that you call success. But we all know the reality; if you want to add something you need to give something up. Now think about this for a second. I hate taking pictures and being in the spotlight, but here I am on live video. So, I have to give up that uncomfortable feeling, I have to give up my need to be perfect in order to come out here and talk with you..

So here is the one thing that you need to know in order to become successful in anything that you do:


We have always been taught success is achieved by hard work. But the more appropriate word is inconvenient. The road to success is inconvenient. Always. So I challenge you today to go out and talk to someone who is successful. I guarantee you that they will tell you that they gave up something temporary in order to gain something permanent. Now I know that this is very hard to do for some people. We have been taught to not give up. We hold on to things very tightly.

Decide right now that you will give up that one thing which is holding you back. It’s a scary thought. It’s hard to give up who you are and create something new. It’s hard to give up those friendships that are dragging you down and those things that are so convenient. But guess what? It will be worth it, the road to success is inconvenient.

And until I “see” you next time, go out there and create change!


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