Breaking the Habit and Going for Those Dreams

We’re already in August! This is about the time that most people start thinking about those goals that they set back in January. If you’re like most people, you’re think about how to get unstuck from analysis paralysis and actually work toward those dreams.

Speaking of August! We’re five moths away from the Holidays!! That’s my favorite time of the year. While everyone is busy thinking about where the year has gone, I anxiously wait for this time of year!

If this thought of 2018 being over just gave you a little bit (or a lot) of anxiety, keep reading.

If you’re like most people, you start thinking about how you didn’t accomplish a lot of your goals, you gave up on your New Year’s resolution and you’re still stuck in that soul crushing job. You’ve been telling yourself for years that you’re going to find your dream job but it’s just not realistic for you right now.

Sounds familiar?

I know, because this was me for most of my life. This is most people for most of their life. So why do we constantly keep going back to that job we hate? Why do we always make New Year’s resolutions that we know we can’t keep? Why do we keep telling ourselves that we know there has to be more to life but we’ll figure that out tomorrow?

We are creatures of habit. We constantly want to go back to what is familiar even if it's detrimental to our wellbeing.!

I know because I’ve done it in many areas of my life. Constantly starting a diet but always going back to my self-indulgent eating habits. Breaking up with boyfriends but always getting back together for “another try.” I kept training myself to stay in my old ways, to stay safe, to not trust in myself and to never step into my greatness.

Too simple to be true, right? 

I know, that’s what your brain wants you to believe because it always wants to go back to something that is familiar. The more you can train yourself to break those habits, the more you will be able to start living the life of your dreams and finally get that business you’re been dreaming about off the ground.

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Putting it into action:

Here’s an activity that you can try. It will help break your routine, get you a uncomfortable and teach your mind to think in new and creative ways….

  1. Think of three new ways that you can start your day. If you get up and head to the bathroom to brush your teeth (that’s me), try walking to the kitchen to get some water instead. If you open your eyes and immediately reach for your phone to check your emails or social media updates (that used to be me), try thanking the universe that you have one more day on this beautiful earth. For the next three days, start your day differently. This will train your mind to stop going back to what you’re comfortable with. Who knows, this might even lead to you actually taking some action, getting unstuck and finally stepping into your greatness.
  2. Think of a new route you can take. If you always take the same route from work and always wonder how you got home because you drive on autopilot, take a different route. This will force you to be more present and get unstuck because you will not be driving according to habit but will instead be focusing on the road to make sure you actually get home. It doesn’t have to be anything big, it can be as simple as turning onto the street that is one block to the right and making a circle around to your street.


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