You Are Always Winning

Did you know that you’re always winning?

When my alarm rang this morning at 4:43am, I didn’t want to get up. I immediately thought to myself, “You didn’t get enough sleep, just turn your alarm off and go back to sleep.” But then I remembered something that I always ask myself, ” What do I want to win at?” I immediately jumped out of bed.

If I had stayed in bed and slept through my alarm, I would have been winning, winning at listening to that voice that told me I didn’t get enough sleep. If I immediately got up and got to work, I still would be winning, winning at getting up and making things happen (like this blog!).

So you see? You're always winning!

I mean, think about it. Think about where you are right now, at this moment. Didn’t think you would get that promotion? That’s exactly what happened, right? Didn’t think that you’re lucky enough to be doing something what brings you joy? That’s exactly what you got, right? That’s right, you’re always winning!

As a matter of fact, you were wired to always win. It’s human nature.

You are always winning at the game that you are playing. We hate to be wrong and our subconscious is always working to make sure that we are validated. Think you’re not lucky enough to get the life of your dreams? You got it, you’ll always be winning at that. Your behavior will always keep you small, always make you turn that alarm off and go back to sleep. Think you’re made for greatness and that the world needs your gifts? You got that too! You will always jump out of bed and see opportunities to step into your greatness.

So, I want to ask you today, what are you winning at?

Whatever it is, you always have the choice to change the game. Click To Tweet

If you want something better, something different, just stop doing what you want to stop winning at. I know, sounds too good to be true, right? That’s just the thing, everything is simple but us humans like to complicate them.

I am willing to have the life of my dreams. I am willing to ask for that raise. I am willing to find a better relationship. I am willing to work on my business in order to make it profitable so that I can quit the job that I hate so much (that last one was for me). No matter what it is, you got this, You’ve gotten this far in life, that means you got this. Real life is more valuable than the narrative you have about it. Always put things into perspective. There is a solution to everything.

Here’s to you winning at the life of your dreams!

You’re not alone, I’m here for you!


Putting it into action:

Let’s look at the things that you’re currently winning at…

  1. What are the things that you find yourself constantly complaining about? Things that you desire but feel as though you will never achieve them because you’re not lucky enough? Write those things down. Congratulations! You’re winning at those things. Your success rate so far is 100%!
  2. Time to flip the script! You GET to CHOOSE what you want to win at. The choice is always yours. How can you change your language to help you win at getting the things you think you’re not “lucky” enough to get? Every time that negative language starts to creep in, there are two things that I want you to say to yourself: “I am willing” and “I got this.” “I am willing to work towards the life of my dreams.” “I am willing to lose those 10 pounds.” “I am willing to start my online business.” “Just like everything else in my life, I got this!”


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