Know Your Worth

We all know that the only person who should ever be allowed to determine your worth, is you. Not the man who broke your heart, not the person who interviewed you and didn’t hire you, not the friend who treats you like shit. Y-O-U. End of story.

YOU determine your worth by setting the standard of the way in which you allow people to treat you. You determine your worth by how you react when people wrong you, hurt you, mistreat you.

You determine your worth by the choices you make when you move forward, despite the bad things that may have happened to you, despite the obstacles in your way that you had absolutely no control of. And you determine your worth by how you fight through the hard times and thrive in the good.

And this is exactly how the world will respond back to us!

You have the power to increase or diminish your worth. And that is a power that should never be given to another person. Click To Tweet



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