You’re Doing Introversion All Wrong!

“I’m not a people person!” Sound familiar?

It was my mantra for most of my life and it definitely didn’t serve me.

As introverts, we have a very unique superpower. We need to stop diminishing it and start using it to our advantage.

Change That Language

When I kept saying things like, “I don’t like people,” or “I don’t like going out,” people stopped inviting me to places. I would hear people telling me things like, “I wanted to invite you to that event but I knew you wouldn’t want to go.” I was giving my power of choice away. Instead of me making the decision whether or not I wanted to go somewhere, others were making it for me. I would get offended and think that people were hiding things from me and that they didn’t want me to be at their events. It took me while to realize that I was the one creating that for myself.

The truth really is that we LOVE deeper connection not none at all. While extrovert get their energy from other people, introverts get it when they’re alone. It’s a HUGE advantage. Extroverts are good at landing a job, introverts are great at keeping it and moving up. We like to put our head down and get the work done, but if we don’t use it wisely, just like all superpower that’s misused, we can cause a lot of damage.

There’s a huge misconception that introverts are shy. It’s something people kept telling me my whole life, “You’re so shy.” So I grew up believing that lie and used it as an excuse not to step into my greatness. But the truth was that I wasn’t shy. I was constantly doing things that shy people would never do. People were always saying things like, “Zee, I would have never guessed you would do that, you’re so shy.” It wasn’t until three ago, when I heard a podcast episode about being introverted, that I heard the concept of shy and introversion being two separate things. Let’s just that this opened up a whole can of worms and there’s no stopping me now! 😉 Comes to show you the power of the stories that we tell ourselves.

Know Thyself

The best journey you will ever go on is the one of self discovery. Knowing yourself is essential in living a complete life to its fullest. Your body gives you signs when something is wrong, you just choose to ignore them! When you’ve been a hermit for too long, haven’t showered, seen the outside world and not talked to a soul for weeks at a time, your body starts sending you signs. A lot of times, we don’t know how to interpret them and end up thinking we are broken. You body wants to protect you, stay healthy and keep thriving, listen to it!

I talked more about this topic in a live video I did on Facebook. Check it out below!

When all else fails, and you get buried in all your work and forget what sunlight feel like, remember this…

Being an introvert doesn't mean you don't like people, it means you crave deeper connections. Click To Tweet

Talk to you soon!


Putting it into action:

Are you doing introversion all wrong? Here’s how you can be more intentional with your actions…

  1. Do you know what signs your body gives you when it wants to tell you that it’s time to sop being a hermit and get actual face to face interaction? Start taking note and paying attention, then take action on it and see how you feel. Keeping a journal of your findings will help you know yourself better and use introversion as your secret superpower!
  2. How can you change the language you use when you speak to others about your introversion? Instead of saying things like, “I’m an introvert, I don’t like people,” you can say, “I prefer one on one interactions in which I can develop deeper connections with people.” The words that you use really does affect how you feel about yourself and how others will acy towards you. Words have power, use them wisely!


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