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Graciela A.

I learned the importance of branding my personal experience to attract customers. I don’t have to be anyone else but me!

Michelle Menechyan

I wanted to figure out how I can transition my passion for fitness, food, emotional and mental health into an actual endeavor. Zee helped me brainstorm a lot of ideas I wouldn’t have before, passing them off as silly or unattainable. Zee helped me realize that I am the CEO of my own life. You take responsibility for your actions and gear up for success. I can’t sit around and wait for success to be handed to me. I must take action.

Missy Wiechmann, Health and Fitness Coach

I needed guidance so that I can gain momentum in my business. Working with Zee, I learned things about email lists, landing pages and virtual assistants that I have never heard about before!

Maridel T.

Zee gave me the courage to stop listening to the naysayers and just take the leap of faith. The world needs the gifts that I have!

Anthony C.

I was pleasantly surprised to find Zee’s coaching, by way of self questioning and getting testimonials from colleagues and acquaintances, to go deep down within ourselves to discover our true nature and how best to express it in the form of a service that us actually profitable!

Shirley T.

Zee showed me that I already have everything that I need in order to live the life that I want. She helped me sort through all the ideas that I had and decide what it is that really brings me joy. I went from stuck and frustrated to fulfilled and inspired to take action. Most importantly, I actually took action.

Kathy Huynh, Makeup Artist

Before working with Zee, I was really lost on the process of how to get people on to my email list. Tech is not my stregth so putting the pieces together for building an email list was intimidating. With the coaching, I am so much more confident than I ever was.

Ally B

Zee motivated me to find my own definition of success, discover my true goals, and work towards reaching them. Through Zee’s guidance, I have changed and grown significantly.

Lori K

I had a mind shift. I had been chasing something. Not sure what it was. Through working with Zee, I found my definition of success.

Lori Apgar, Creative Entrepreneur

Working with Zee has helped me get more organized with the technical things! I learned what to do with the emails I collect, how to create something my audience needs and how that will lead to future business!

Heather M.

I finally took the leap of faith and invested in myself. Working with Zee has been the single biggest blessing for me. I have not only figured out how to create a life that I love but I also discovered my superpower and am starting to turn that into money so that I can eventually quit my job and be my own boss. I can’t thank Zee enough!

Melina Mel Sardar, Professional Life Coach

I needed clarity and direct guidance in order to take my life coaching business that I have had since 2003 to the next level, through online marketing. I gained great resources, insights, and direction of what I need to do next, and continually do in order to increase my visibility online. What I appreciated is Zee’s transparency, her resourcefulness and genuine care to see people succeed.

Eliza Lange, Fitness Coach

Through working with Zee, I discovered who I am and what I want. I learned how to actually start living a life that brings me more joy instead of feeling stuck and overthinking what to do.

Debbie M.

I had no idea what I wanted to do or where to start. I simply knew that I needed to do more with my life. My everyday life had become way to routine for me and was not fulfilling at all. After working with Zee, I got the clarity that I needed in order to take action. If I hadn’t invested in myself and worked with Zee, I would still be stuck in that “there has to be more to life feeling.”

Jessie M.

The Passions I thought I had were really just the beginning of it for me! Zee really scratched the surface of my skin and didn’t stop until it reached my soul. Zee has a way of getting to the bottom line and making you understand that the real and only resistance we have to face is our own. Once you start scratching the surface, you really realize that you truly are a POWERFUL BEING and YOUR PASSION is really a fountain of other great knowledge which you can passionately profit from!






Oh, hey there
Ms. Rebel!

I am a clarity coach, helping rebel women create a life that they love and rid of the "there has to be more to life" feeling. You might not know it yet, but you have superpowers and I'm going to help you discover it and live it every single day! The desires that are within you, are there for a reason. I believe that you will never be given a vision that you are not meant to pursue.

You are meant to do shit your own way.

You have a dream. You have that one thing you've always wanted to do. You know that there's more to life. You just don't know where or how to start. But that voice inside you keeps getting louder and louder and you can't ignore it any longer. You need to start. And that's what I'm here help you do just that.

I’m so excited to hear your story and go on this journey with you!

You were born for this.